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    NOTE: To protect client's privacy, quilts are identified by client number only. If you don't know your client number, click on one of your quilts in the gallery: it will appear in the address line on your browser as the "custid" value. Or, you can call or email us: customer numbers will be on the address label in our Newsletter.

What Our Clients Are Piecing

The quilts pictured below are client quilts, with the most recently completed ones first. Click here for more about the above appliqued quilt.

Quilts keep the same index numbers when new quilts are added. This means the you can find your quilt quickly no matter how long ago it was quilted: once you find your quilt in the gallery, click on the picture, then you can bookmark that page (Add to Favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer) or email a link to the page so your family and friends will be able to go directly to your quilt. Quilt pictures stay in the gallery as long as we have space to hold them.

Or, if you click on the links below in each description, you can display all quilts

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An Amish-style wall hanging. Quilted with traditional Amish quilting motifs: feather bows in the corners, cables in the dark blue pieces, a double feather wreath in the center, arcs in the inner border, and baptist fans in the border.

Quilted February 27, 2003.

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Detail of the Amish-style quilt, showing feather bows and cabling.

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A panel wall hanging, with an appliqued wolf silhouetted against a winter scene, wolf paw prints in the middle border, and pine trees pieced in the outer border. Quilted with matching-color thread outlining the elements in the background, tight stippling on the wolf, leaves and vines in the inner border, diamond arcs in the on-point squares, arcs in the background of the paw prints, and a zig-zag suggesting branches in the pine trees.

Quilted January 2, 2003.

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Closeup of the wolf applique, showing some of the border quilting treatment. The waterfall and boulders in the background are heavily quilted, but following the pattern.

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